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Nov.18th, 2015

A warning is out from the CDC for turkey's and meat in general. They're stating that Turkey's, from years of being pumped up with antibiotics, have now become immune to them and this can cause a Superbug of some kind.
The best way to know is to look on the label specifically for; No Antibiotics, Antibiotic free, and organic, free-range, grass-fed would be best.

It's the latest warning for this season and this is insane! Right before this week's thanksgiving they come out with this? Unless it's a control thing, a way to make us spend more money on organic farms. Perhaps the CDC has their hands on future stock they know will go up? Or, is it a natural process of the earth spitting out what we don't need to do, kill animals. And in Belgium, eating horses is the norm, as normal as eating cows are for us. In India, cows are believed to be a reincarnated relative. And, they look at us as savages.

This is a legitimate warning on MRSA for the holidays.

A mother looks back at her sleeping teenage daughter in the back of the car, and notices her face is red in four spots.
All of a sudden her face breaks out even worse! Her parents rush her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with MRSA. These things were taking over her face. While the girl was in the hospital, they lanced, what were now abscessed filled boils. That's what it looks like a boil. Do not try to squeeze the boil yourself. The antibiotics worked.

About a third of us have staff on our skin. Once it gets into your bloodstream you get an infection. My own grandson got MRSA after he went on a family vacation to Disney Fl. It started with a boil on his glutes. They were very painful boils. So, when my daughter told me she rushed him to a clinic and the doctor lanced it, scraped it out, and gave him seven antibiotics he had to take for two weeks. It worked. How it got under his bathing suit without even a cut is insane, I thought! Then I started researching it.
If you have a low immune system you can get it from yourself. Taking care of it immediately is not an option. Build up your immune system by eating lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetable. Tropicana won't cut it, that's all sugar and they use GMO oranges unless otherwise labeled.

It's imperative that we get our body's ready to fight off these Superbugs! We have to keep our body's in shape by lifting weights, walking, but, it must be a weight bearing exercise to build muscle and stamina. We don't know when the Message Alert System will go off in your area.

3rd Case- Indian 1 (flesh eating virus)

A young man goes to India on a mission to help the poor.
He is about to get on the train and his shirt gets caught catching his leg under the track. One minute he's a healthy young man heading out to help children, ready to get on a train. Next thing he knows he is in an Indian government run facility which looked like the show Mash. There was blood on the walls. His leg was broke but, the doctor in this filthy tent takes a machete and chops his leg off!

He wakes up in the main hospital the next day. He gets bloodwork and it came back with diseases that they never saw before. He had this thing called India 1. It was very painful inside his body. They called the CDC. They had to start cutting away more of his leg, and it can still came back! He still has a 30% chance of it coming back, and potentially dying. There was supposed to be a special on this but, I didn't see it. It might be there if you do a search.

Doctor reports: The Indian 1 is circulating fast in India and moving onward. The reason is Superbugs are outrunning the anti-biotics. Antibiotics are not being made because they are not profitable. This was supposedly getting better. I don't know if we still have a shortage.

What is wrong with this picture? No money, no life? This is moving so fast millions have already died from these superbugs.
Millions more are at risk.

Just exactly what is going on?

The new superbugs that cannot be treated by antibiotics.
The resistant bacteria that doesn't get killed off from the antibiotics becomes stronger while the antibiotics eat the good bacteria and the bad bacteria become's super bad.

How to prevent this is
1. wash your hands.
2. Shower daily.
3. Make sure your Gym and clothes are clean!
When you are in any hospital, make sure the staff wash their hands. Ask the doctor about a narrow spectrum antibiotic that is specific to what you have! First ask the doctor if you do in fact need an antibiotic? If you do, ask for a narrow spectrum antibiotic.
If you are taking antibiotics by mouth- Lets say you are taking Cipro and your infection isn't gone after you finished your dosage amount prescribed. Call your doctor! You may need to have an antibiotic drip. A urinary tract infection can become a kidney infection if not taken care of after the Cipro doesn't work.
This happened to katie Couric's daughter. She did a show on it.

Haed Lice a Serious Superbug!

Head Lice in 25 States Are Now Resistant to Treatment.

A large number of lice populations have gene mutations that may make it resistant to over-the-counter treatments. They too are have become pesticide resistant. There should be more than one over the counter medicine for this. There is perscription lotions but, can be very strong. They are still researching.

(Please be advised. I'm not a doctor, go to a doctor for any questions regarding these topics.)

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